Chad Crouch’s soundwalks fuse immersive binaural recordings—made while walking through a sound-rich natural environment—with his elegantly simple instrumental scores.  Melodic compositions are built up with piano, woodwinds, strings, guitar, tuned percussion and warm synthesizers.  

Prior to soundwalks, Crouch worked on a his Field Reports series. Similar in feel, these releases collected short field recordings made from a handful of locations in a general area, pairing them with bespoke compositions of song length.

Before a passion for field recording of natural soundscapes took hold in 2019 Crouch was a prolific producer of instrumental tracks of many genres, and under many pseudonyms. See also Podington Bear, Mello C, A. A. Aalto, and Worrybreak. All of these works are collected as the repertoire of The Sound of Picture Music Library, an easy-to-use resource for filmmakers, videographers, and podcasters. Find out more at soundofpicture.com.

Crouch graduated from the University of Oregon in 1996 and identified as a visual artist from 1996 until the mid-2000’s. Simultaneously active in the Portland music community since 1997, Crouch founded HUSH Records in 1998, and released about 75 album titles over the ensuing decades from acts that went on to win Grammy awards, reach #1 on the Billboard Album chart, and play some of the worlds most renown venues. Visit HUSH at hushrecords.com.