Wwu Housing Agreement

B. If the student`s payment for accommodation and/or meals is deferred until the payment of financial assistance, the student`s financial payment obligation is not removed if such assistance is not used. Your cost of living in Lark Bellingham can be covered by financial assistance, as on campus. All available financial aid will be released to the student for non-institutional expenses, such as. B off-campus accommodation, once the university fee has been paid. These funds can be used to pay lark a fee. Normal payment times remain in effect. Quarterly fees for residential and residential meals are billed into the student account before the start of the term and the account balance is due on the first day of teaching. The fee is based on the published price for the room type and menu.

In the last seven days of each quarter, there are no billing fees. The occupation is terminated when the student has completed the process for proper housing verification. The correct control procedure is described in the guidelines and procedures of university residences. Dismissal does not absone the student of his obligations and obligations. The student is financially responsible for accommodation and catering costs up to the termination date, including breach of contract fees, cash penalties and post-termination costs. The reasons for the layoff are: university residences engage students in diverse and inclusive, healthy, safe and sustainable communities that promote academic success and personal growth. Residential experience is deliberately oriented towards leadership, sustainability, social responsibility and civic engagement. All residents of university residences accept the terms of this housing agreement at the time of application for housing. In accepting this agreement, the student also agrees that the university will commit to providing appropriate accommodations to qualified persons with disabilities upon request. University Residences works with the Disability Access Center (DAC) to provide students with access to all levels of the residential experience.

Students who require a particular housing contract due to a disability or other illness must request appropriate accommodation through the DAC, provide all necessary documentation, perform a needs analysis and meet all deadlines. The student must be enrolled at Western Washington University (“University”) and have at least eight credits per term at the time of application; or a university-sponsored program. Residents with registered student status can apply for renewal accommodation on campus for the following year, provided they meet deadlines and extension procedures, comply with the housing agreement and respect the current occupancy period. Almost all residents of Lark Bellingham are students of Western Washington University. People`s contracts are also designed for students. Nevertheless, Lark Bellingham is an equal opportunity provider and welcomes the applications of non-students. Family members are also welcome, subject to occupancy restrictions. As it is necessary to contact the students` roommates, non-students must apply with enough roommates to complete the desired residence. Has.

If the fee is not fully paid on the due date or if the circumstances of an unpaid account are disclosed, this may lead to the inactivation of the host account and/or the evacuation of the campus accommodation and participation in the registration or termination of courses. Students applying for on-campus accommodation in 2020-21 are encouraged to consult the 2020-21 housing contract: if the student leaves campus during the winter or spring or during the first 14 days of the upcoming term, accommodation costs are charged for each day until the day of the checkout, even if the student has not stayed in the room during the break.

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