Which Ics Function Is Responsible For Documentation Of Mutual Aid Agreements Weegy

21. Which ICS function area tracks resources, collects and analyzes information and manages documentation?A. PlanningB. Operation C. LogisticsD. Finance/administration 36. The acquisition, storage and inventory of resources are part of what NIMS Management Characteristic?A. AccountabilityB. Incident Facilities and LocationsC. Global resource managementD. Single command 13. What function is ICS responsible for documenting mutual assistance agreements?A.

PlanningB. CommandC incident. Operation D. Finance/Administration A single command is a structure of authority in which the role of the incident commander is shared by two or more people, each of whom already has jurisdiction in another respondent. The UC connects organizations responding to the incident and provides a forum for these entities to make consensus decisions. 41. What function area ICS defines tactics and manages all operational resources to achieve the objectives of the incident?A. PlanningB. Operation C. LogisticsD.

Finance/Administration Click here to see the full answer. What position is included in the nimS management quality in terms of accountability? 39. Which staff officer is responsible for feeding incident personnel and communication, medical assistance and transportation to achieve the operational objective?A. Logistics Section ChiefB. Security Officer C. Public Information OfficerD. Planning Section Chief 27. Which ICS function area monitors the cost of co-cost related to the incident and provides accounting, acquisition, time recording and cost analysis?A.

CommandB. Operation C. LogisticsD. Finance/Administration 8. Liaison Officer:A. “Provides resources and services to support incident targets.B. Monitors resources and manages incident documentation.C. Provides information to the public. D. Is the interlocutor for other reaction organizations.

7. Which general staff negotiates and supervises contracts, provides reimbursement documents and monitors timing for incident personnel?A. Logistics Section ChiefB. Chief Operations Section. The planning section of the ChiefD section. Finance/Chief Administration Section 42. Incident Commander or Unified Commander defines incident targets including:A. Identify strategies, tactics, tasks and activities to achieve objectives.B. Select incident management team personnel.C.

Delegate functional responsibilities and indicate the types of resources.D. Setting up a manageable control margin. What NIMS management feature is also needed to achieve situational awareness and? The NIMS management feature needed to achieve situation-like awareness and facilitate information exchange is integrated Communications. The NIMS management feature needed to achieve situation-like awareness and facilitate information exchange is integrated Communications. 19. Qualification, certification and registration staff are on this staff, including NIMS Management Characteristic?A. AccountabilityB. Global Resource ManagementC. Incident installations and sitesD. Information and Intelligence Management Which NIMS component includes the incident control system? 33. The selection of the commanders of the incident is made by:A.

The jurisdiction or organization responsible for the incident. Emergency Operations ManagerC. Public Information OfficerD. Responsible for planning 12. Who decides the commanding incident and the process of transmitting the command?A. The chiefsB section. The incident commander for the previous mission C. The jurisdiction or organization that is primarily responsible for the incidentD.

Staff 28. Check-in, Incident Action Planning, Personal Responsibility and Resource Tracking are required to ensure:A. FlexibilityB. Accountability C. Sustainable Development. Redundancy 24. Who handles media inquiries at the crime scene?A.

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