Transport For London Framework Agreement

The framework agreements will last for four years. The objective of this award is to create a framework agreement for the acquisition of engineering consulting services (framework agreement) for Transport for London (TfL), the Greater London Authority (GLA), as well as the 32 city councillors from London and the City of London. This framework is part of a suite of TfL Professional Services Frameworks and TFLs Principal for access to engineering, planning and project management support and external supply chain know-how. In line with its business strategy, TfL continues to work as part of a category management approach to replace the current range of executives. It is essential that the program be successful in ensuring that affected users have access to the skills and technical and technical services necessary to meet their needs. Key strategic objectives of the new framework group include improving the quality of services, reducing costs and increasing value for money. Human Factors (HF) is the understanding of interactions between people and other elements of a transportation system, as well as the application of theory, principles, data and methods to the analysis and design of the transportation system in order to optimize the overall performance of the system through optimized human performance and well-being. The objective of System Safety Engineering is to demonstrate that the transportation system is free of damage and that safety risks are managed at an acceptable level. THE GLA encourages its suppliers and companies interested in tendering to conduct their activities in accordance with the principles of its responsible contracting policy. More information can be found on the following website: The Framework Agreement will be re-tendered for a new contract expiry benefit. Land structures are generally defined as incisions and embankments and other natural slopes that have been built to provide a corridor and support for railway roads and infrastructure.

The contracting entities and other contracting entities that use the framework reserve the right to use an electronic portal for the duration of the agreement. TfL reserves the right to withdraw Lots (s) due to changes to the TfL engineering request. TfL will post this 30 calendar days in advance. This framework is intended to provide workforce recruitment services as managed service providers for the recipients of services covered in this communication. The framework will also contain the provision of a permanent termination if necessary. You will find detailed information on the requirements in the tender file, especially in Volume 2 – the specifications accessible via TfL`s ProContract electronic call portal; The contract will also be available to other TfL functional bodies under the Greater London Authority (GLA). This information is: London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority/London Fire Brigade (LFEPA/LFB), Mayors Office for Policing and Crime/Metropolitan Police Authority (MOPAC/MPA), Greater London Authority (GLA), London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC), Old Common Oak and Park Royal Corporation Development (OPDC). Any contractor working for BTP must undergo a safety check before the work begins. British Transport Police Authority, acting for and on behalf of the traffic police in the United Kingdom.

The Authority`s application is presented in the tendering file. A parent company guarantee and/or a benefit commitment may be required.

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