Tesla Service Level Agreement

(e) extended warranty; Epidemic failure. Without limitation of Tesla`s duties, as indicated elsewhere in this section 12, when it is found that the objects are at a statistically higher rate than the reference rate applicable to objects fixed on the mutual consent of the parties and fixed in Appendix 1, or when no sentence is fixed in an agreement with an article: [-] of this article delivered in three consecutive months), then, at no charge to Tesla and under the Tesla option, the supplier (i) will extend the warranty period for all these items by at least an additional period of time from the date the item warranty expires, and/or (ii) subject to the Tesla sub-clause (g) for all defect/non-compliance correction costs. , logistics (freight, tasks), advanced replacement of an outdated part, renovation and all necessary upgrade costs, including qualification. Marks are adjectives used to change names; Nostantif is the generic name for a product or service. Marks should not be used in the plural or possessive form. They at least offer online service manuals now. They cost something, but I think the prices are comparable to those of other luxury car manufacturers. service.teslamotors.com/ Tesla seems to be behaving like GM with the EV1 – “It`s our car, and we let you drive, but it`s our car, it`s always our car, and you can only do things to do it with our permission.” You don`t rent them, but with the warranty don`t follow, the Downtime parts is based on a VIN review, and the lack of service manuals they can also be, for anything you can do on them without them. The supplier must not use an identical or almost identical Tesla brand as a second-level domain name. e) No volume commitment.

Tesla does not undertake to purchase a certain volume of goods from the supplier, unless indicated in an order, and tesla may, subject to the supplier`s IP privileges (as defined at point c) of Section 11, manufacture or purchase identical or similar goods or services to third parties. The parties assure each other that, as of the effective date, no applicable national or state securities regulations or regulations require any of the parties to disclose the agreement, its existence or its terms.14

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