Subscription Agreement For Services Rendered

3.1 Duration. If your account and service subscription are not terminated under the terms of this Agreement or are not otherwise specified in an order form (a) your subscription to a service (including all connected services provided) is extended for a subscription duration for the duration of the subscription that then expires and (b) the subscription fee for your subsequent subscription are our standard subscriptions for the service plan and related services provided at the start of this subscription period. The purpose of Captio`s handling of personal data is to provide services in accordance with this agreement. Captio treats personal data as confidential information and processes personal data only on behalf of the customer, in accordance with the Customer`s documented instructions, for the following purposes: (i) processing in accordance with the agreement and all applicable order forms, and (ii) processing for compliance with other appropriate documented instructions from the Client, provided these instructions comply with the terms of the agreement. 1.4 Additional features. We will inform you of additional conditions and/or alternative agreements before activating additional features. The activation of additional functions by you in your account is considered to be the acceptance of the applicable additional conditions or other agreements, if any. 7.1 The parties agree that the indicated consulting services, which must be filled out on a SOW or order form, primarily include the configuration of a subscription to a service and the integration of subscriber data with and in one or more services, and therefore the delivery barges are therefore not functional without an active subscription of a service. Zendesk holds between the parties, exclusively and exclusively, all rights, titles and shares in the services (other than the benefits awarded defined below), including all derivatives, extensions and modifications of these; and the subscriber performs all the tasks necessary to complete the above property. Subject to these conditions, Zendesk grants the subscriber a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sub-conceded license for the use of deliverables (other than assigned delivery items) exclusively in relation to the authorized use of the Services by the subscriber. GSM warranty.

GSM ensures that services operate primarily in accordance with GSM specifications and instructions.

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