Service Agreement For Marketing

This mail-order agreement (this “amendment”) amends the previous January 9, 2014 agreement between MacKenzie Realty Capital, Inc., a Maryland company (the “Fund”), and Arete Wealth Management, LLC (“Arete”) for the provision of marketing services and placement by Arete to the Fund (the “agreement”). The basic terms that are used here, but are not defined, have the meaning given to them in the agreement. Many billing service providers have compiled a list of best practices to help service providers understand all of these rules related to marketing service agreements. A proven method exists z.B., to explain that there is no explicit agreement on the references between the two parties that create the MSA. Another proven method is to avoid pitch-language that presents a particular provider as “privileged” or “exclusive” in one way or another. Neither company should pay for direct locations to customers of the other company, and this should be clearly stated in the marketing service agreement. Also add a language that prohibits both companies from paying for access to each other`s customers. 8.2 No exclusivity. The contracting parties expressly acknowledge that this agreement does not create an exclusive relationship between the parties. The client is free to use other services of the same type or type as a consultant, and Consultant has the right to offer and offer other design services, to recruit other clients and to promote other services offered by consultants. The limitation of liability is to determine the extent to which the service provider is liable if something goes wrong with the delivery of its services.

This marketing service contract is entered into and entered into force by and among the members of Kowala Creative and – (destination, “company name”). Kowala Creative owns and distributes digital marketing and design services on the Internet. It is essential to ensure that all parties understand and agree on the intellectual property that is connected (often referred to as “existing intellectual property”). The parties must also agree on the intellectual property developed within the framework of the service provider that provides services to the client (often referred to as “developed intellectual property”). Instead, contract marketing services between two companies should focus on publicly available marketing or promotional strategies. These may be signs and commercial security that are issued in public places, for example. B in sales offices or in real estate offers.

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