Rental Agreement With Boyfriend

(Another option would be to become a “common tenant,” which would give you a percentage of the property, but that too seems to be more annoying than you`d like.) Since you don`t pay rent, he clearly doesn`t need you to pay for the house, and so I highly doubt that his proposed lease has a schedule that binds you to stay in the house. If landlords have a lease of one year or more, it is because they are guaranteed money and they do not have to suffer if they find a tenant in the low season. Your friend doesn`t need your money like a landlord needs his tenants` money. I think he`s smart, and it wouldn`t be reasonable for both of you not to have an agreement. Cohabitation agreements are legally binding as long as you are not required to sign one. These are not marriage contracts, because cohabitation does not necessarily mean that you are going to get married. .

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