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OCHU/CUPE negotiates a provincial collective agreement with the Ontario Hospital Association and establishes this model across the hospital sector and for long-term care centres that have a relationship with a hospital. Download the latest full-time collective agreement. Download the last collective agreement combined in French. Our leaders are elected at our convention by delegates chosen by the locals. Within the Convention, we also democratically decide on our political action. Aboriginal people choose CUPE Ontario because of the strong voice we collectively have and our history of representing interests. We are very proud that the vast majority of Ontario residents have chosen to join CUPE Ontario. The OCHU negotiates a central collective agreement, coordinates abuses related to the centralizedly negotiated language, campaigns for a public health system that is accessible to all, and helps organize travel across the province. OCHU often works with other local unions and coalitions to support and coordinate joint health campaigns. Lise Morrissette – WSIB / Back to Work: 705-855-9956 English: Work_Safe_Know_Your_Rights_2020_04_17 (002) Tell your MPP not to deprive you of your fundamental rights in the workplace.

. With more than 270,000 members, CUPE Ontario is a strong voice for rights and fairness for our members and communities. We are working at the provincial level for legislative, political and political changes on issues that affect public services, equality, healthy communities and a Better Ontario for All. This will be the first OCHU convention to take place entirely online via the Zoom platform. OCHU/CUPE is an active partner of the Ontario Healthcare Coalition and works closely with the Ontario Healthcare Coalition when municipal health services are threatened by budget cuts or privatizations. Here you will find important information about exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace and WSIB benefits. Collective Agreement – Full-Time – 2017-2021 Download Across the province, members work in five key areas: – public health — school board — social services — university. The OCHU Secretary and Senior Vice-President sits on the Board of Hospitals of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP) and represents members of the CUPE plan.

. File a WSIB exhibition form (form 3958a). This does not launch a WSIB claim, but it is important. It will facilitate all future WSIB requirements related to COVID-19 for you and your employees. Please provide copies of the forms you send to Lise Morrissette. hoopp.com/members/join-hoopp/joining-hoopp-examples`OCHU has several professional and thematic committees, including: health and safety, professions, registered nurse practitioners (RPN), long-term care/long-term care and workers` paramedic committees. Unsafe Fore-Harm Procedures for Health and Safety Part V – Section 43 Occupational Health and Safety Act,Ontario. CUPE 1623 members have made HOOPP pensions available. If you have any questions about your pension rights or your right to retire, please contact CUPE`s office. English: Guide_HS_COVID19_Work_Refusal_2020_04_21_EN founded in 1982, the 34,000 members of the Ontario Council of Hospital Institutions/CUPE are the hospital service of the 700,001 members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees. Today, the Ontario Council of Hospital Unions (OCHU) has 30,000 hospital, long-term care, ambulance and laundry workers in 120 bargaining units across Ontario. .

Complete the negotiation survey and let us know what your negotiating priorities are. I have attached the CUPE performance brochure, which provides a comprehensive overview of all the benefits that CUPE employees are entitled to. Francois: Have you been exposed to COVID-19 at the OCHU Workplace also coordinates arbitration procedures for claims with provincial repercussions and organizes educational offers on a wide range of topics for executive and affiliation in conjunction with CUPE`s union development department.

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