Motorhome Hire Rental Agreement

Unless written agreement from the landlord agrees, any delay in the return of the vehicle by the tenant is charged more than two (2) hours according to the following rules: Between 2 and 6 hours late, the landlord has the right to ask the tenant for a payment of 10 euros per hour of delay. After 6 hours, the lessor has the right to ask the tenant for the price of an additional rental day corresponding to the proportional daily amount calculated on the total remuneration of the landlord, plus one hundred percent (100%) (two days` rental in total). – In case of late booking made less than 8 weeks before the date of collection, the rental fee must be paid in case of confirmation of booking. 28. Insurance (provided all personal data provided is accurate) The vehicle is insured for the theft and damage of the vehicle and the property of a third party; However, does not include personal insurance for the client (including the death or assault of the driver) or coverage of personal property. Car insurance is organized by Marsh Commercial. The listed rental price includes a standard surplus of 1500.00 GB per accident, reported incident or vehicle theft. In case of damage to the vehicle or to the property of third parties, the tenant is responsible for the first application GB 1500.00 PRO. In the event of theft of the vehicle, the tenant is responsible for the total cost of the vehicle; As soon as a theft has been reported to Just go and the police, a right is claimed from the insurer. The keys must be returned to Just go.

If the insurer accepts the claim and agrees to reimburse Just go for the costs of the vehicle, the liability to the tenant will be reduced to the first GB 1500.00 of the debt (surplus). Please note: If the keys are not returned to Just Go, the insurer does not accept the claim and more responsible for the total cost of the vehicle remains at the tenant. In the event of an incident or mechanical breakdown rendering the vehicle stationary, the tenant may leave the vehicle in the mechanical garage designated by the insurance company, which also supports the repatriation of the driver and passengers. If the culprit is not clear, the tenant must wait for the troubleshooting to complete the delivery form of the vehicle`s lease agreement with them.

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