Intralinks Master Services Agreement

End-user files remain the property of the customer (or, if applicable, the third owner) and are not considered part of the services. The client recognizes that the services are intended to store secondary copies of end-user files and not to manage master or original documents. The customer acknowledges and accepts that Intralinks is not responsible for the content of end-user files or for the modification, use or publication of end-user files by end-users or by third parties (other than intralinks and subcontractors). Intralinks is not responsible for the content, accuracy or completeness of end-user files. The service may contain one or more hyperlinks to websites and third-party services. Intralinks and the part that invites you as an end user are not responsible for the information collected or used by these websites and third-party services. Intralinks uses the information about you that you provided for marketing purposes during this registration process. It also means contacting you by email or phone to discuss your interest in our services, or for Intralinks to inform you of the actions and events that Intralinks can offer/host. The privacy policy contains more details on how Intralinks uses your personal data for marketing purposes. (a) security.

Intralinks uses the usual security systems and infrastructure in the industry, including, but not limited to redundant data centers, with a full range of business recovery and recovery services and anti-virus and intrusion software. On request, Intralinks allows the customer to access the latest SOC 2 security and availability report for services and the standard information questionnaire (“GIS”) relating to the checks carried out by the service provider during the duration of this contract. This report and the GIS questionnaire are the confidential information provided by Intralinks. (a) This agreement begins on the reference date and applies until the termination (i) referred to in point 4 (b); (ii) by the written agreement of the parties; or (iii) by handing over a written termination by one of the parties to the other party after the completion of the performance or the closing of all work orders subject to the agreement, in accordance with its terms. Unless expressly provided otherwise by a work order, services will be suspended at the end of the agreement and the client will immediately cease to use the scholarships offered by this agreement.

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