Hmo Licence Agreement

To retain your HMO license, your landlord must properly maintain the property: This is an aspect of HMO leases that differs from individual rentals. Most landlords prefer a separate lease with each tenant. Within five years of receiving a licence application, the Commission must also conduct a risk assessment of the HMO Health and Safety Assessment System (HHSRS). When the inspector finds unacceptable risks during the assessment, the lessor is advised to do work to eliminate them. The landlord must also inform the Council if it wants to make changes to an HMO (structurally or decoratively), if tenants change the property or if the circumstances of the tenants change (for example.B. they have a child). They outline the legal responsibilities of both sides and describe what will happen if both sides neglect their responsibilities. The specific rules and regulations for HMOs mean that you have to treat rental contracts a little differently, but if you plan and use the above points in advance, renting to multiple tenants should not be more difficult than renting to families or single people. If your landlord is applying for an HMO licence or is applying for a driver`s licence renewal, they must notify the homeowners for 21 days to inform their neighbours. If someone who lives in the area is not happy with the HMO, they can submit their objection to the City Council. If there is an objection, the City Council will not necessarily reject the application. It will take into account all the information provided to it through the HMO and then decide whether the objection is appropriate.

While there are no strict and quick rules that prescribe how landlords should establish leases, they are essential documents. Without one, you have a greatly reduced legal basis, there should be an argument with your tenant. In addition, some insurers cannot offer you insurance coverage. Most HMO owners will issue their tenants a secure short-term rental agreement. Leases generally have 12 months with a “fixed period” of six months during which neither party can terminate the lease (unless the lease itself has been breached). A written lease is important to have, because it explains precisely what […] It is a crime for your owner to operate an HMO without a licence, and they could expect a fine of up to $50,000. If the Commission considers that a property is being operated as an unauthorized HMO, it may inspect it without prior warning. If you feel that the HMO in which you live may not be allowed, you should report your landlord to your city council.

Your contract (lease agreement) should set the duration of the contract. If this period expires, if neither you nor the lessor discloses it, the lease becomes a periodic lease agreement that remains on the same terms as the previous signed document. You cannot waive a rental obligation, except by announcing as necessary or using a break clause. Not all leases have break clauses – see below. If your owner`s license is suspended or withdrawn, he can no longer use the property as HMO. This means that you may have to move. However, if the fixed rental period has not yet expired, your landlord cannot let you go until it expires. For example, if you rented a room in an HMO for one year, but your landlord was denied his license after two months, you can stay the remaining ten months, provided the property is safe for you.

No no. Landlords cannot evict existing tenants to avoid licensing. Any attempt to remove a tenant from a property that should, but is not, may be considered a crime under the Protection from Eviction Act of 1977, and the landlord or any other party may be prosecuted.

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