Goddard Negotiated Agreement

The staff office is also available as a resource and is accessible under HR@goddard.edu. You can, if necessary, answer questions or indicate where the question should be asked. Faculty and non-management employees at Goddard College are represented by the United Auto Workers Union – Local 2322. Members of the collective agreements unit can contact their stewards and/or UAW management for more information on their collective agreements. For more details on the interim agreements, see goddarddev.wpengine.com/union. This is a contract that management and work have worked very, said Robert Kenny, President of Goddard College. “The process involved a significant commitment from all parties to reach an agreement that depends on what the college, its faculty and staff need to create a positive work environment and a sustainable college,” he said. The new union agreements preserve existing health care and dental services without an increase in the share of premiums; increases the minimum wage at Goddard College from $9.15 to $11 per hour, which will then be increased to $12 per hour from July 2016; and eliminates the need to reduce the salaries of teachers and unionized employees. Favorable ratification ends almost three years of negotiations The United Auto Workers, Local 2322, represents approximately 90 members of Goddard College and 45 members of the college. Goddard employees voted to join the union in January 2013, as the institution recorded a drop in enrolment and the spectre of wage cuts and other austerity measures to compensate for projected budget deficits. In addition, non-unionized college administrators, who made a 5-10% pay cut in 2013, will reduce their salaries to their pre-reduction level; The college will suspend the pension plan for an 18-month period, but at the end of that period it will reconsider the possibility of compensation; and university-funded subsidized and seasonal workers were afforded some employment protection and a period of compensated sickness.

Goddard`s faculty voted in November 1998 to form a union and did so with the support of the institution`s board of directors. In keeping with the College`s long-standing commitment to democratic principles, the Board of Directors has waived its right to legally challenge collective bargaining. PLAINFIELD, Vt. – The faculty and staff at Goddard College voted overwhelmingly in favour of the terms of new three-year union contracts. The ratification will end for 27 months of negotiations between the college and the bargaining units.

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