Data Protection Services Agreement

(B) The company wishes to subcontract to the subcontractor certain services that involve the processing of personal data. 8.3.3 Where Unify transmits personal data to a processor outside the EEA that does not fall within the scope of the BCR, the customer expressly mandates Unify to enter into relevant agreements to ensure that the receiving body implements an adequate level of protection of personal data, recognised as appropriate by the competent European or local authorities. The processor shall provide the controller with a written statement in which the processor guarantees that all the personal data mentioned above or other data mentioned above have been returned or erased in accordance with the instructions of the controller and that the processor has not kept copies, printouts or data on any medium. The technical and organisational data protection measures referred to in Article 32 of the GDPR are regularly reviewed as part of the ISO certification and ISAE3402 audits. In addition, internal audits also take into account data protection issues. 5.1 The parties agree that all requests from the customer regarding personal data must be addressed in writing and explicitly. In the event that such requests require a modification of the services, this modification will be renegotiated in good faith by both parties, along with the related price. Measures relating to the separate processing (storage, modification, erasure and transfer) of data for different purposes: if becomes aware of a confirmed breach of the protection of the customer`s personal data, will inform the customer and provide the customer, as far as possible, with appropriate information and cooperation so that the customer can fulfill all the reporting obligations he gives him under the General Regulation. l on data protection. The customer releases from any loss related to a personal data protection breach due to the customer`s non-compliance with the data protection requirements or the violation of this DPA and keeps them harmless….

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