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17.1. No guarantee. There is no guarantee as to the quality, functionality, availability or performance of PSN, PSN services or content offered on or via PSN. All services and content are provided by “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” with all errors. We may modify, add or remove features or features from our PSN services, and we may suspend or adjust our services. We do not guarantee that the service and content are uninterrupted, error-free or delayed. In addition to the limitations of liability of this agreement, we expressly reject any tacit guarantee of market continuity, the guarantee of adequacy to a particular purpose and the guarantee of non-counterfeiting. We are not responsible for the inability to purchase, access, download or use content, data or services. YOUR SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDIES IN ARREARING AN DISSATISFACTION WITH OR DAMAGE ARISING FROM PSN OR ITS PRODUCTS OR SERVICES, OR IN CONJUNCTION WITH THAT AGREEMENT, AND OUR MAXIMUM INSTABILITY UNDER THIS CONTRACT OR WITH RESPECT FOR YOUR ACCESS TO OR PSN SERVICES IS LIMITED TO YOUR DIRECT DAMAGES, NOT TO EXCEED THE UNUSED FUNDS IN YOUR EXCEPT AS STATED IN THE FOREGO SENTENCE , WE EXCLUDE ALL LIABILITY FOR ANY LOSS OF DATA, DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR SOFTWARE OR HARDWARE, AND ANY OTHER LOSS OR DAMAGE SUFFERED BY YOU OR ANY THIRD PARTY, WHETHER DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL AND HOWEVER A, AS A RESULT OF ACCESSING OR DOWNLOADING ANY CONTENT TO YOUR AUTHORIZED SYSTEM, OR YOUR 4K ULTRA HD MEDIA PLAYER SYSTEM, BR® TELEVISION , SONY BLU-RAY® DISC PLAYER OR ANY OTHER HARDWARE DEVICE, OR WITH OR ACCESS PSN SERVICES. UNLESS THIS PROVISION IS UNNFORCEABLE IN YOUR JURISDICTION, THE FOREGOING LIMITATIONS, EXCLUSIONS AND DISCLAIMERS APPLY TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW, EVEN IF ANY REMEDY FAILS ITS ESSENTIAL PURPOSE. The city council must know when it can count on depositions during the building permit procedure. They must ensure that the contractor`s commitment includes the need to submit the manufacturer`s statement after the completion of the work. 2.2.

We may also grant access (paid or unpaid) to content, products or services offered by publishers or entities other than EIS and their related companies (“Third Party Services”). If you use PSN or your account to access third-party services, your use of this Service is subject to the applicable terms of this Contract and applicable Terms of Use. 10.8. With the exception of the rights expressly conferred, YOU, its related companies and its licensees reserve all rights, interests and remedies relating to PSN and PSN content.

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