Accordo Quadro Agreement

In the area of public procurement, the framework agreement is a kind of treaty which, since the 1990s, has applied to EU law and Italy[2] in order to simplify public procurement. The first level of contracting concerns general market conditions, while the second level, which is also used by several parties, often different from the contracting power, concerns the application of the general conditions set out in the framework contract to the specific supply. In the literature it is also known among others as Italian: it is the German framework agreement, the French adversary and the English framework agreement. In labour law, trade union delegates work with employers` representatives to define framework contracts for certain occupational categories, which are then the subject of specific industry, branch or enterprise agreements. [1] For example, a national public body awards a framework contract defining the general technical characteristics and prices of the cleaning and maintenance services of the buildings, while the institution`s various territorial companies enter into second-tier contracts for their premises, following the necessary inspections and technical analyses of the facilities to be expected carried out by the bidder selected in the framework contract. In this way, the national public body can manage its offices on the national territory in an integrated way, while taking advantage of the uniqueness of the contractual interlocutor and the standardization of the price/quality of administrative services. In Italian law, the framework law lacks positive legislation. However, this figure was used by the lawyers who regulated the mass transfer of Federconsorzi`s assets, which led to a dispute that was also the subject of a parliamentary commission of inquiry. A framework law was passed to set the overall price of cessio bonorum, but the translationr effects were entrusted to individual implementation contracts. The framework agreement is an agreement between legal persons or individuals that governs cooperation; (z.B the contractor who is awarded in the case of a multi-faceted contract or distribution relationship. Normally, the framework contract (it is a contract in German law) raises questions of principle and leaves room for the execution of contracts to settle individual cases. The framework contract is a contract that sets out certain general conditions, followed by one or more execution contracts (enforceable acts, order books, special injunctions, etc.) which, in accordance with the general clauses, establish specific clauses for the various applications of the framework contract.

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